All springs are not created equal, the diameters and spring rates can be similar, but the process of manufacturing springs plays a huge factor in how they will perform.

Swift springs are created with proprietary winding methods and a proprietary steel alloy called “HS5.TW“.
Features of Swift Springs
  • Most consistent spring rate throughout the stroke
  • Largest amount of stroke
  • Highest durability against loss of spring height
  • Lightest in weight
  • Fastest reaction speed

Sport springs

Springs designed to increase performance while keeping an oe-like ride. Designed around the useable stroke of the suspension, allowing you to lower the vehicle without decreasing the life of factory dampers.

Spec-R Springs

Built for track duty, these springs are designed at the upper limits of the OEM Damper valving. Track tested and tuned, for optimum performance, yet comfortable enough for a daily driver.

Metric springs

Tune your coilover suspension to your liking with metric  springs in 60- 65- 70mm id.

Assist / Helper springs

These are used to not only take up excess slack in the coilovers, but also used to set the droop preferred in your setup.

Thrust sheets

Self lubricating sheets will allow your coilover springs to smoothly rotate around the perch under compression. This enables the load on the spring to be more evenly distributed easing the pre-load and reducing the noise created under spring compression. Swifts Thrust Sheets will work for most coilover systems and are offered in 60mm, 65mm and 70mm applications. Each kit comes with 4 self lubricating thrust sheets and 4 stainless steel shims.

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