AT POWER has over 60 years’ experience of automotive design, their bespoke protected designs are unique and their design process ensures that all products performance is second to none.

Direct to head throttle bodies

AT Power’s Direct to Head (DTH) individual throttle bodies are a high performance system with an individual butterfly sized for each inlet port. The ‘Shaftless’ throttles offer excellent full open throttle airflow for peak power with great part-throttle and idle control. The minimal disruption caused by our ‘Shaftless’ blade allows us to specify a smaller throttle bore, giving a higher airflow velocity resulting in a higher volumetric efficiency.’

Direct to head throttle bodies are port matched to suit each engine variant. The throttle bodies are a twin housing design significantly improving the airflow into the engine and offering a lightweight solution. Utilizing ‘Shaftless’ technology allows close positioning of the butterflies to the inlet valve giving the optimal throttle response.

Delivered fully assembled, with billet aluminium housings, fuel rail, choice of linkage options, along with a choice of inlet lengths and calibrated for your choice of Throttle Position Sensors (TPS).

Drive-by-Wire Activator

The Electronic Throttle Actuator provides a fast and responsive Drive-By-Wire solution for both the direct to head & universal individual throttle systems.
The Electronic Actuator consists of a DC motor and reduction gearing to provide the maximum torque and operational speed. The actuator has an angular sweep of 110 degrees and can be operated in both directions.
Various installation options for both our standard central mounting position with a linkage arm connection. This has been designed to give 360 degrees of radial positioning for fine tuning. Alternatively, the Actuator can be positioned at the end of the throttles and will drive the throttles directly through AT Power’s layshaft,

Advantage of electronic actuation include:

  • Auto-blip for paddle shift
  • Launch control
  • Anti-lag
  • Switchable pedal map
  • Traction control
  • Variable bank to bank control
  • Warm up (increased air flow)

Drive-by-Wire Throttles

AT Power Electronic Drive-By-Wire (DBW) throttles are a high performance single throttle body controlled by an electronic motor rather than the traditional cable, designed for use with an aftermarket ECU.

They are suitable for many applications and offer high performance operating parameters, within a durable billet aluminium housing. With an in-built failsafe spring return, an operational speed of 0.07s per 60° movement, and a rise and fall output Hall-Effect TPS (0-5v) these DBW throttles are market leaders in terms of operation and performance. Utilising a standard Molex MX150-L electrical connector, and provided with the mating connector for installation into your loom.Fully assembled and ready to bolt straight to the engine. The throttle body is factory balanced and calibrated to a set idle condition.

Single throttles

AT Power’s single throttle is a single butterfly controlled by a mechanical cable, ideal as a replacement of OEM single throttle units or on Forced Induction installations. Our single bore throttles offer the advantage of our ‘Shaftless’ technology in installations where only a single butterfly valve is required or mandated.
Made from aerospace grade aluminium with a stainless steel knife-edged blade, this offers the typical advantages of an AT Power throttle in a small, compact product ideal for mounting to a plenum and suitable for turbo charged, super charged and naturally aspirated applications.

Available in bore sizes from Ø36mm to Ø85mm.

Dry Sump Systems – Integrated

AT Power’s Integrated  Dry Sump Kits are suitable for many installations and features a high quality billet Aerospace Aluminium machined Sump.
This kit features Fully Integrated Scavenge Galleries from Sump to Pump, to minimise the quantity of vulnerable external Oil Pipes and reduce numerous potential oil leak paths and additional costs of fittings and lines.
Designed for the optimal installation, this high performance product features a Gear-Pump Pressure Stage and 2 Gerotor Scavenge Stages all driven from the Standard OEM Chain Drive. The pictured Honda K Series offers a overall depth of just 96mm, a considerable reduction from 155mm of the OEM Dry Sump pan. These kits are suitable for both Naturally Aspirated and Turbo applications.

Easy Clean Oil Tank

These motorsport Dry Sump Tanks are specifically designed for easy cleaning. The tank can be dismantled in no more than a minute. Top and bottom sections are secured using an O-Ring and specifically designed V-band clamp.
The Oil return is angled towards the inner side wall of tank to create maximum deaerating effect. Designed to incorporate Oil suction union into thick walled tube running to the lowest centre point possible in the tank making oil surge impossible. Supplied complete with 1.5″ internal diameter aluminium filler cap for easy filling. The Internal baffles are also removable for ease of cleaning.

Available in the 3 sizes

  • 5.0L – 6.5″ x 16″
  • 7.0L – 8.25″ x 16″
  • 10.0L – 9.5″ x 18″

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