Dailey Engineering specialises in custom Dry Sump Oil Systems, with Roots Style scavenge rotors and spur gear pressure sections, for all levels of racing engines.

Dry Sump Kits

Dailey makes dry sump kits for a variety of performance engines

Typically kits include the following parts

  • Dry Sump Oil Pump   (1-8 stages) 
  • Inlet and outlet fittings                
  • Billet Oil Pan / spacer plates
  • Engine & Oil Pump pulleys
  • Drive belts
  • Billet oil filter adapters

Optional parts

  • Billet Crank Adapters
  • Custom Crank pulleys to suit
  • Air/Oil Separators

Air/Oil Separator

The Air/Oil Separator is mounted on the back end of the pump to route pure oil rather than foamy oil back to the oil tank allowing the oil tank to be smaller in capacity. This centrifugal hydrodynamic device mechanically separates the air from the foamy oil and then routes pure oil and air back to the tank thru separator lines.

Oil Pump

SP Series 1-8 stage pump is both compact and lightweight in size. Roots style rotors are used in the scavenge sections and bronze spur gears are used for the pressure section.  Drive and idler shafts are made from heat-treated alloy steel and precision ground to run in ball bearings front and rear with Teflon bushings supporting the inner loads to minimize the rotating friction.  Precision ground stainless steel studs are used as dowel pin alignment for a compact body size. The scavenge sections are all internally cross-ported together so only a few scavenge outlet fittings are necessary.  

Pump can be fitted with the optional Air/Oil separator and in some applications can accommodate integrated oil filter on the pressure housing.

Dry Sump Oil Pan

Dry sump oil pan is made from CNC billet 6061 T6 aluminium. All scavenge lines are internally machined into the oil pan and their shape is designed to efficiently scavenge oil and control windage. The oil pump bolts directly to the oil pan thus eliminating the A/N scavenge lines between the oil pump and oil pan. This integrated design eliminates the costly weight; expense and bulkiness of external scavenge A/N lines.