GTM Zero Degree Engine Kit

The GTM ZD Kit was designed to give more room on the exhaust side of the motor to gain more clearance for a turbo manifold. The standard engine is clocked at a 12-15 degree angle from vertical and leaves very little room for a decent turbo kit to reside. This kit includes Vibra Technic engine mounts with billet alloy adapters which position the engine in a truly vertical straight position. The kit also facilates an adjustment to lower the motor  30mm for those with a dry sump kit looking to take advantage and lower the engine and gearbox. The cast bellhousing comes with a billet alloy sandwich plate that is suited for the Quaife 69G seq box  A billet alloy transmission mount to suit the quqaife box is included

  • Allows better turbo manifold packaging
  • Adjustment 10-30mm to lower engine
  • Note – include in drysump text
  • A lightweight billet adapter with dual pin engagement allows for the dry sump pulley to be attached to the crank pulley.

Engine Mounts

Cam Shaft Package


Lightened F22C Crank Shaft


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