MCS Dampers for the Honda S2000 (2000 – 2009)

  • Monotube design is very stable with more oil capacity & better heat dissipation.
  • Large piston diameter – more fluid displacement – responds to small amounts of travel for low ride height.
  • Shock bodies and hardware made from aluminium and anodized for long-term durability.
  • Blow-off valve system – blows off with big impacts for more grip in demanding conditions
  • Damping characteristics are controlled precisely by controlling flow through small holes instead of forcing past traditional shim-stacks giving smoother response without becoming harsh
  • Each damper adjustment (click) is very noticeable to the driver.
  • Accommodating a wide range of spring rates without the need to revalve.

Non Remotes Dampers

Integrated reservoir for easy installation and weight savings featuring 16mm shock shafts give extremely high, low-friction side load support

1Way (1WNR)

An entry-level damper kit for the s2000 that is more track-capable than the majority of aftermarket kits and more comfortable than even the stock suspension.
  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment

2Way (2WNR)

The king of non-remote reservoir dampers – no other damper comes close to its range of capability.
  • One adjuster knob with integrated release button for both compression and rebound
  • 14 clicks of high speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment

Remote Reservoir Dampers

Reservoir nitrogen pressure can be varied between 6-20 bar (100-350 PSI) to help support the car in high-speed cornering with soft springs. Featuring large 22mm shock shafts giving extremely high, low-friction side load support

2Way (2W)

This is the workhorse damper for the Honda s2000 featuring professional race quality at incredible value.
  • 18 clicks of high speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment

3Way (3W)

The MCS Three-Way Damper is the ultimate damper for the S2000. The Three-Way Remote Reservoir Canister has been designed to give the Engineer, Suspension Tuner, or Driver more control over the vehicle platform by adding adjustment to the low-speed compression damping performance, which is very effective in helping to control body roll while adding to turn in and controlling pitch and squat.
  • 18 clicks of high speed compression adjustment
  • 10 clicks of low speed compression adjustment
  • 18 clicks of rebound adjustment

Swift 60mm springs & helpers

Street 12kg/mm

Track 14kg/mm

Street 30mm wide body 13kg/mm
Track  30mm wide body  15kg/mm

Street  60mm wide body 16kg/mm
Track  60mm wide body 18kg/mm
Track  60mm wide body + aero 20-30kg/mm

iLIFT Suspension Lift System

The iLIFT Suspension Lift System is a revolutionary product for intelligently lifting a vehicle to avoid damage from contact with obstacles including speed bumps and steep driveways.

The iLIFT Suspension Lift System incorporates an intelligent Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and sensors to monitor various parameters such as ground clearance, vehicle speed, and system air pressures. The iLIFT Suspension Lift System intelligently adapts to your vehicle and the way you drive.

Wisefab Track Kits Front & Rear

The Wisefab track kit brings Roll Centre, bump steer and camber gain back to normal range on lowered car, providing better roll stiffness, better handling and grip.
  • Over 40mm lower A-arm joint drop
  • Considerable weight reduction
  • 7075-T6 aluminium billet CNC knuckles
  • Easy camber adjustment
  • Cro-Moly arms with double shear connections
  • Cro-Moly rod ends and sphericals
  • Bump steer adjustment
  • Slightly Quicker steering ratio
  • Kit assumes coilovers and 17’’rims
  • Track width is close to original
  • Original wheel speed sensor retained

Karcepts front & rear sway bar kits

The Karcepts S2000 Front Sway Bar Kit was designed for track/autocross use. The Rear Sway Bar Kit was designed for square tire setups, but may additionally be used by anyone looking to tame down the on-throttle oversteer characteristics of their S2000.  The ability to run a softer rear bar still maintains mid-corner rotation benefits, yet help put power down better by eliminating too much on-throttle oversteer.
  • Billet aluminium arms optimized for strength and weight utilizing the latest FEA software
  • Roll stiffness can be adjusted quickly with one wrench with the vehicle on the ground
  • Light weight, zero deflection solid sway bar mounts provided for precise feel
  • Low friction, self-lubricating, solid polymer bearings eliminate bushing bind
  • Heat treated and plated steel alloy PTFE lined end links and all hardware included
  • Front 32mm (1.25?) diameter high-grade spring steel splined centre section
  • Rear 22mm (0.875?) diameter high-grade spring steel splined centre section
Front Sway Bar Kit 11 position adjustment
0.120?Wall 497 – 903 lbs/in
0.188?Wall 659 – 1196 lbs/in
0.250?Wall 755 lbs/in – 1370 lbs/in
0.250?Wall – step up 1.375?1099 lbs/in – 1996 lbs/in
Rear Sway Bar Kit – 13 positions adjustment
0.095?Wall 129 – 283 lbs/in

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