Daily Dry Sump Kit – F20C/F22C

Dry sump oil pan is made from CNC billet 6061 T6 aluminum.

The oil pump bolts directly to the oil pan thus eliminating the A/N scavenge lines between the oil pump and oil pan. ALL scavenge lines are internally machined into the oil pan and their shape is designed to efficiently scavenge oil and control windage. This integrated design eliminates the costly weight, expense and bulkiness of external scavenge A/N lines.

Oil Pump

Top of the line SP Series 4 stage pump is employed in this kit and is both compact and lightweight in size – just 2.4’’ x 2.7’’  Roots style rotors are used in the scavenge sections and bronze spur gears are used for the pressure section.  Drive and idler shafts are made from heat-treated alloy steel and precision ground to run in ball bearings front and rear with Teflon bushings supporting the inner loads to minimize the rotating friction.  Precision ground stainless steel studs are used as dowel pin alignment for a compact body size. The scavenge sections are all internally cross ported together so only a few scavenge outlet fittings are necessary.  

Pump can be fitted with the optional integrated oil filter on pressure housing.

Pump can be fitted with the optional Air/Oil separator

Air/Oil Separator

The Air/Oil Separator is mounted on the back end of the pump to route pure oil rather than foamy oil back to the oil tank allowing the oil tank to be smaller in capacity. This centrifugal hydrodynamic device mechanically separates the air from the foamy oil and then routes pure oil and air back to the tank thru separator lines.

Spacer Plates

Fitment into both LHD and RHD cars is possible with little or no modification.
Different thickness spacer plates are offered  

0.200”   [1 spacer]   RHD

3.400’’   [2 spacers] LHD


Oil pump driven pulleys utilize a taper grip locking mechanism eliminating the need for setscrews allowing the oil pump drive shaft to remain undamaged when the pulley is adjusted or removed.  

Cogged 8mm HTD belt 20mm wide are employed


The GTM ALT-R Kit relocates the alternator to a lower position next to the motor to where the original A/C once resided. This kit deletes A/C, water pump, belt tensioner and idler pulleys from the engine.

A Billet alloy-mounting bracket holds the alternator to the lower part of the Dry Sump Pan. A smaller alloy billet bracket mounts to the side of the block facilitating manual belt tension adjustment with the included alloy turnbuckle. TODA lightweight Crank and Alternator pulleys are included reducing the overall weight and their drive ratio. A shorter belt is included which now runs at a lower tension freeing up lost power.

  • A lightweight billet adapter with dual pin engagement allows for the dry sump pulley to be attached to the crank pulley.
  • Increased clearance on intake side of the motor
  • Reduction in weight of approx 5-7kg
  • Reduction in rotating mass of approx 3kg
  • Lowers the engines centre of mass
  • Frees up approx 15hp

Assumes the installation of the GTM Dry Sump Kit & Electric Water Pump Kit

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